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About Trintek

Trintek Energy Consulting was founded in January 2003, by T.N. Libson, its President and Principal Consultant to serve clients in the energy industry with specific project development analysis and services. These services are focused on wind energy, solar, and gas fired power projects, and acquisitions and divestment activities.

Trintek is located at 5601 Bridge Street, Suite 300, Fort Worth, Texas 76112.

A list of representative services provided by Trintek, and biographical background information for T.N. Libson are provided below for your review.

T.N. (Tim) Libson -- Principal Consultant

A detailed resume for Mr Libson, a rate schedule, a professional services contract are available upon request.

Trintek Energy Consulting is respected for its detailed and thoughtful due diligence, project development insight, and contract negotiations. Please contact Mr. T.N. (Tim) Libson with any questions, or for a consulting proposal tailored to meet your energy project needs.