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Green energy consulting

Trintek Energy Consulting Offers Value Based Energy Consulting

Wind Energy Projects, Electric Power Projects, Power Purchase Agreements, and More

Trintek Energy Consulting serves the power and energy industry with the energy consulting experience necessary to maximize the success of clients and reduce risk through due diligence. Trintek Energy Consulting specializes in cost effective energy consulting, wind energy projects, energy project development services, electric power projects, power purchase agreements, and project financing.

We serve clients in the energy industry by performing selected analysis and energy consulting services. These energy consulting services are focused on wind energy and fossil fuel fired power projects. Our energy consulting services include the areas of greenfield development, acquisitions and divestments, and asset management. Trintek Energy Consulting is respected for its detailed and thoughtful due diligence, project development insight, and contract negotiations. Trintek Energy Consulting is flexible and generally can perform your energy consulting assignments on a fast track basis.

Trintek Energy Consulting --
“Helping You Make the Right Choices”

Timely, Realistic, and Cost Effective Advice

Trintek Energy Consulting makes sure that you get the right information, at the right time, so that you can make the right choices. Trintek Energy Consulting will show you how to accelerate project development, reduce costs, improve project performance, increase value, lower risks, and achieve your organizational objectives.

Your energy project is given the special attention it requires. Trintek Energy Consulting is committed to understanding and meeting your needs with a standard of excellence, integrity, and trust. Client satisfaction is paramount. Trintek Energy Consulting is respected for its detailed and thoughtful due diligence, project development insight, and successful contract negotiations.

Trintek Energy Consulting has extensive experience in wind energy and gas fired energy project development, and offers similar services for utility scale solar projects. Prior to founding Trintek Energy Consulting LLC, our principal consultant had accumulated over 26 years of energy industry experience as an employee with energy companies such as Amoco Corporation, and The AES Corporation.

We have the expertise to advise you on the project development process, and we offer a full suite of project development services for wind energy, utility scale solar, and natural gas fired electric power projects. This includes: land acquisition and leasing, evaluation and negotiation of power purchase agreements, transmission and pipeline interconnection agreements, project financing, wind turbine and gas turbine purchase agreements, long term parts and services agreements, due diligence on project sites and contracts, and other specialized services. We encourage you to fully review this site for additional background and details about Trintek Energy Consulting.

By selecting Trintek Energy Consulting as your energy consulting resource, you can expect that we will focus on your needs, goals and deadlines, and perform the project development process and the due diligence required to successfully finance, construct, and operate your project. Your success is our success. When you choose Trintek Energy Consulting, we believe in helping you to create a competitive advantage through intelligent project development during the energy consultation process.