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Livingston County, IL Cayuga Ridge Wind Farm

Trintek assisted in land acquisition on three wind farms in Illinois, from 2005-2008, one of which has now been constructed and is operating and two which have been permitted at local county level and are still to be constructed. (see the videos below).

Below is a video tour of a wind turbine in the Cayuga Ridge Wind Farm in Livingston County, Illinois:

Here's another YouTube video showing the Cayuga Ridge Wind Farm


Harvest Wind Farm in Michigan

Trintek Energy Consulting actively participated as a consultant from the early stages of the first utility scale wind energy project constructed in the State of Michigan. The Harvest Wind Farm, LLC was announced in June of 2007 and will produce enough energy to supply more than 15,000 homes.

John Deere renewable Energy originally developded the wind energy project with Trintek's client, Michigan Wind, LLC. The project is now owned by Exelon.


In addition to the public announcement for the Harvest Wind Farm to be constructed, Wolverine Power Cooperative in Cadillac, Michigan announced it has signed a long term agreement to buy wind generated power from the Harvest Wind Farm.

The Harvest Wind Farm is now featured on the Wolverine Power Cooperative web site.

See an aerial slide show of the Harvest Wind Farm, including photos showing the on-site assembly of wind turbine units.

Below is a virtual tour of the Harvest Wind Farm, also posted on YouTube.

Other YouTube Videos of Harvest Wind Farm:

Great Lakes Energy video
News video
On-site construction and completion video


TVA's Buffalo Mountain Wind Energy Project

A green energy project for the Tennessee Valley Authority helps solve an air quality problem. Knoxville, Tennessee is among the 10 worst ozone toxic cities, but the good news is they also have one of the highest participation rates for green energy alternatives.

Learn more about the Buffalo Mountain Wind Energy Project that Trintek participated in as a project development consultant in 2003. NOTE: This article is archived with only the text.

The Tennessee Valley Authority issued a press release on the Buffalo Mountain Wind Energy Project in April, 2005, plus the completed project was also featured in their Green Power Switch News.

See pictures of the Buffalo Mountain Wind Energy Project.


Other Links

The May/June 2005 issue of Energybiz Magazine featured a special report on the wind energy industry, examining the potential, as well as the challenges the industry faces.

This special report, Catching Wind features some wind industry insights and quotes by Tim Libson, Principal Consultant for Trintek Energy Consulting, and is available in Adobe Reader (PDF) format.


In 2005, Trintek participated in Commission hearings and made several comments to the Illinois Commerce Commission concerning the adoption of a Renewable Portfolio Standard (RPS) for Illinois.

A Microsoft Word document of comments to the Illinois Commerce Commission advocating more well defined RPS implementation plans and standards for the state.

An Adobe Reader (PDF) of comments to the Illinois Commerce Commission relating to ComEd's proposed wind energy contract terms for the state.