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Samples of Project Work by Trintek Energy Consulting

In 2005, Trintek's Principal Consultant, Tim N. Libson performed a site feasibility study for four wind sites located on or near Navajo and Hopi tribal lands in Arizona. The study was performed by T.N. Libson, as consultant to Sargent & Lundy in their larger integrated evaluation of all alternative power generation technologies that might be commercially applicable to replace the power generation capacity of the Mohave Coal Power Generation Plant.

Arizona Republic article: Navajos set to tap power of the wind

Arizona Daily Sun article: Sempra looking at Gray Mountain

Download the Full Report and selected Appendices applicable to Four Wind Sites in Arizona, here below:

(See pages 155-181 of Full Report for Wind Portion)

Mohave Alternatives Study

Wind Project Schedules

Transmission System Map

Transmission Path Data

IRP Data Inputs All Technologies